Yow Surfskate Truck Spring V4 S4 [4mm] [set/5]

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Surf the streets if the conditions are not ideal or if you are not on the coast. Surf the asphalt to train and improve your technique. Surf to have a good time. Find your own wave, pump, turn and enjoy as you do with your surfboard.

YOW Surfskate Spring V4 S4 (Pack 5)

New 4mm S4 YOW spring for the V4 system. Pack of 5 springs.

Spring with one more turn and with "Peening Shot" treatment. Now the reinforced spring lasts up to double working at maximum performance. Shot peening is a special technology for surface treatment by means of micro shot blasting. The objective of this process is to increase the resistance to fatigue of components subjected to high stresses.

YOW Surf, Your Own Wave.

In the 21st century the concept of Surfskate has undergone an integral revolution. The invention of new systems in the axes has really allowed to transfer the technique and the "feeling" of surfing to the mainland.

Thanks to the YOW System you can transform your Skate, Cruiser or Longboard into a Surfskate. And you can mount it with two different wheelbases, one shorter for faster turns and the other longer for smooth turns.

In addition, the YOW system will allow you to transform your Surfskate into a Cruiser with a locking screw.

A new revolution has been born within the world of Surf and Skate, the YOW SurfSkate.