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Let's feel the wheel, together

  • Cruisers

    Perfect for city rides, offering smooth and stable cruising with vibrant designs.

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  • Downhill / Freeride

    Built for speed on steep hills, providing stability and thrills for riders.

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  • Surfskates

    Mimics the feel of surfing on land, great for carving and smooth, flowing rides.

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  • Pintails

    Classic surfboard shape, great for carving and relaxed cruising on scenic paths.

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  • Kicktails

    Ideal for performing simple tricks with a raised tail, a mix of freestyle and cruising.

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  • Dancers

    Ideal for freestyle tricks, featuring a flexible design for graceful maneuvers.

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  • Skate Training

    Improve your skills with expert coaching in skateboarding, roller skating, and inline skating for all levels.

  • Events Management

    We plan and manage exciting skate events, from community jams to competitive tournaments.

  • Art Projects

    Discover creativity with our art services from small workshops to large mural graffiti artworks.

Get Stylish

American Socks

Sock up on the coolest, most daring designs from American Socks Brand


Let's get balanced in life

Balance Boards

Enhance Your Fitness Routine with Balance Boards - Enjoy a More Effective Workout and healthier lifestyle.


Let us roll forward, together


Embrace the exciting world of skating with our diverse collection of roller skates, inline skates, and ice skates. Whether you’re cruising through the streets, mastering tricks at the park, or gliding on the ice, our skates are designed for you.

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