LocoSonix, is the Saudi leading company for lifestyle mobility within cities & rural areas. We provide range of services such the development of public areas with sport-equipment mobility in mind such skateparks as well as managing sports events. Additionally, we provide sports equipment supporting our vision of fitness, lifestyle and mobility such skateboards (سكيت بورد), longboards (لونج بورد), balance boards, and more. We aim to revive constant active events and sessions to give a sense of community where you active sports vehicle stay in constant motion..

LocoSonix is the first official Saudi Skate Shop that focuses on your lifestyle as a skater. We will always keep adding more items to our portfolio to enable your fluid lifestyle. Always stay tuned and get in touch anytime for free consultation.  

Our Story!

It all started in California, US, back in 2012 at Cal Poly Pomona. Here's what happened:

The story behind LocoSonix’s motive started back in 2012. The founder, Safi Marroun, has envisioned a mixture of a lifestyle for skating and its cultural adaptation. We are all skaters with common lifestyle pattern that also adapts for its culture and climate. Thus, LocoSonix is taking up the challenge to adapt the smooth integration of the skate lifestyle into the Middle East & GCC region starting with Saudi Arabia.

We believe that “Active Sports” maintain our state of being and no sport equipment is owned to be stowed in a garage. Thus, LocoSonix aims to revive constant active events and session to give a sense of community where your active sport tools stay in constant motion.

Let’s feel the wheel, together!