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Teak Fingerboard Complete Builder Vise Tool - Zen Yellow

Teak Fingerboard Complete Builder Vise Tool - Zen Yellow

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The Teak Tuning Complete Builder Vise acts as a steady "3rd hand" to assist you while making tuning or deck modifications and for building or tearing down complete setups. Zen Yellow Colorway. The tool is made of durable urethane material and is equipped with non-scratch white clamp jaws and resin truck centering fixtures for a firm hold on your fingerboard when making adjustments.

This multi-functional tool makes complete fingerboard setup building a breeze. Simply place deck between jaws with trucks facing upwards, tighten the knurled bolt head until grippers grasp deck sides firmly. Use the blue truck centering fixtures to install trucks to your deck.

Compatible with most standard trucks, both Teak Tuning's standard and Prolific line trucks, as well as Y-trucks, Dynamic, Vortex and Blackriver trucks. Great for beginners, riders with larger or shaky hands and anyone who could use an extra "hand" for building and making adjustments.

Tool measures 3" long, 1.75" wide and 1.5" tall.

Please note: The color of the hanger centering fixture parts may vary.

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