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Sweets Kendamas

Sweets Pro Max Norcross Kendama

Sweets Pro Max Norcross Kendama

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Max Norcross is an integral part of the Sweets Kendamas team and we are so happy to present to you his new Pro Mod!
This is the 3rd Pro Mod Max has had with us, and this one takes some inspiration from both of his previous Mods.

We are so excited to have a brand new #NorxMod for you all!


It all started in 2011, I finally stopped making fun of this “toy” and began playing. 9 years later, I’ve dedicated a third of my life to the Kendama community and the Sweets Family. It’s literally been the best experience flying all over the world spreading Kendama love, making Vlogs for YouTube and meeting all the young slayers out there. The best thing about Kendama besides lacing new tricks, is that it’s open to anyone and has always been the most loving community I’ve ever been apart of. My inspiration to play wouldn’t have survived without all of you and all the support I’ve received through this wild journey. This Pro Model represents all the amazing memories, the good vibes and a reminder to always do things you love no matter what anyone else thinks.

Much Love,
Max “Norx” Norcross


  • Maple Max Norcross Ken
    • BOOST Shape
    • Balance Bevel
    • Custom prints on ken
      • MN Logo
      • Taxi in Big Cup
      • Unique QR on Small Cup
      • Broken bat on bird stall
      • Arrow on small bird stall
  • BOOST Beech Tama
    • Sticky Clear or Cushion Clear
    • Black metallic base
    • 3 rings around bevel representing previous Norx Mods
    • Floral pattern wide center stripe
    • Kanji around string hole
  • Metal Spinner Bead
  • SixFinger String
  • Norx sticker pack


A percentage of each sale goes directly to Max.

Follow all the Norx adventures on Instagram: @mvx_norcross

& YouTube:


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