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SEBA SJ Inline Skates - Black/Red

SEBA SJ Inline Skates - Black/Red

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A world-famous Seba brand returns with a new line of adjustable kids skates. Historically, the brand was focused on freestyle skates and it shows even in the line aimed at the youngest skaters. Without a shadow of doubt, some of new Seba SJ 2019 offers some unique features which cannot be found in models of competition.

The skate construction is based around a softboot template, but it was no hindrance in delivering great ankle support and tight fit.Thanks to these characteristics, the skates are easy to control and provide a high level of safety. Rigid cuff, two buckles and lacing lock the foot in place. The boot is adjustable in range of four sizes and comes in three variants: EU29-EU32, EU33-EU36 and EU37-EU40. This greatly extends the skates longevity.

Seba are well aware of how important it is to match the frame length to a boot size, especially in kids skates. The skates come with a short frame – 207mm, 219mm or 231mm depending on the size. This guarantees good agility and stability. Moreover, the frames come with a rockering system, allowing you to change outside wheels position and set up a “banana” rocker for more manoeuvrability and to make the skates freestyle-slalom ready.

The skate comes with 68mm, 72mm or 76mm wheels (depending on the size) and with ABEC5 bearings.

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