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SFR Two-Piece Skates Blade Guards [set/2]

SFR Two-Piece Skates Blade Guards [set/2]

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The SFR Two-Piece Blade Guards have been created to provide the user with the ultimate protection for their blades when walking or storing. Unique features have been designed such as water outlet holes with director ridges, which can help prevent rusting and blade blunting and a specially designed anti-slip tread. Cutting guide slots have been implemented to allow for a better use experience if trimming is needed, as well as increasing the overall flexibility. Available in a range of colours and scents, the SFR Two-Piece Blade Guards are essential for anyone who skates on ice.

Sold In Pairs

Product Specifications


Trim to size

Spring and screw fastenings

Sold in pairs


Thermoplastic Polyurethane (highly durable)


Black, Blue, Fluo Pink, Purple, Red, White, Purple Glitter, Pink Glitter, Minty, Strawberry

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