Mindless Gen X Truck - 159mm

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Build up that wide cruiser skateboard setup on the base of the Gen X Truck from Mindless

The size of cruiser skateboard trucks has often been a bit of a grey zone. Often way more expensive than regular kingpin skateboard trucks. This is where the Gen X truck from Mindless is aimed at. Bringing you a super comfy and well-handling cruiser setup, without breaking the bank.

Tech Features:

  • Enjoy the geometry of this truck which resembles a traditional skateboard truck, but in a wide enough size to the wider cruiser decks
  • The weight is kept down with a hollow kingpin and the widespread use of aluminum
  • With a barrel and cone bushing setup like on Gen X you will be able to carve slick lines wherever
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Model Hanger width Weight Axle Width
149 5.8" (149mm) 14oz 8.5"
159 6.25" (159mm) 15oz 8.75"
Truck type:
Standard kingpin
Pieces per pack:
Riding Style:
Aluminum 6061
Mounting bolts:
Not included
95A, SHR
Hanger Degree:
Riding Style: