FR FRXP 80 PREMIUM Inline Skates - Coral

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The FRX has been one of the best selling freeskates on the market for years now. The boom in skating the industry caused by pandemic has caused this model to reach heights of its popularity, as it is a superb entry level hardboot freeskate. FRX are flying off the shelves and by mid-2021, it was hard to find a pair in most popular sizes.

Starting from the top of the skate, FRXP comes with the same cuff as more expensive versions – the only difference is that standard screws known from FRX are replaced with rivets. This makes installation of custom kits more complicated, as you need to drill out the rivets to do it, but it still can be done if you know how to handle power tools.

FRXP are great choice for people who are just starting their journey with skating. They are capable of serving as an introduction to freeride and slides. Reliable, proven boot construction and balancing budget and parts in a smart way have resulted in a solid alternative to well known FRX skates.