brand Flip

“The deck of Flip Skateboards can satisfy any skaters with its tough design and flexibility, regardless of their level, experts or beginners. There must be a reason for the name “Flip”. Of course, the skateboard functions well with flip tricks like heelflip and kickflip. Skateboards of Flip have an excellent pop. You can enjoy it when you use your skate for freestyle riding on the street or park. Besides, a Flip Skateboard has a very reasonable price, so it can be an optimal option for anyone who first takes skating as their new hobby. Flip Skateboards is a United States-based international skateboard company, co-owned by Jeremy Fox and Ian Deacon. The company produces skateboard hard goods (decks, wheels, bearings, completes, and hardware), soft goods (T-shirts, tops, sweatshirts, hats, beanies, and socks), DVDs, and accessories.”